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Air Pollution Control

For the well-being of individuals as well as other organisms, clean air is essential. Policies to control air pollution are designed to safeguard a healthy and pleasant living environment and to maintain feasible ecosystems. Air pollution is harmful to health and the environment. Particulate matter, heavy metals, and gaseous pollutants have harmful health effects.

Control of air pollution, the techniques used to reduce or eliminate the emission of substances that can harm the environment or human health into the atmosphere. Air pollution control, along with sewage treatment, solid waste strategic planning, and hazardous waste management, is one of the main areas of pollution control.

Filtration Solutions

Filters make up the largest part of our company and are integral to all our offerings. Our air filters could be as small as a matchbox or as big as a container for shipping. But regardless of their size, the end product is clean air – free of harmful pollutants, dust, pollution, allergens, bacteria, chemical gases, and even life-threatening radiation in some instances. Our filters enhance the health and longevity of people, protect critical manufacturing processes, boost productivity, and protect the environment by providing cleaner air.

For life and well-being, access to safe, fresh water is critical. Our reverse osmosis and other methods for water filtration help extract salt, chlorine, bacteria and other pollutants from water as well as odors and bad tastes.

Molecular Contamination Control

The molecular media test rig and the unique full-scale chemical filter test are examples of the significant investment made in the field of molecular filtration. In this unique facility, full size gas filters operated in the rig under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions and challenged with different gases. The efficiency and life are determined using an array of sophisticated gas detection equipment.

Power Systems

Turbomachinery equipment can be a major investment, therefore, it is essential that the background information is correct to be able to choose the most optimal and profitable solutions.

Turbomachinery is used in a variety of environments, from offshore to desert, with various degrees of natural and industrial pollution. Site contaminants, sizes and quantities vary from one environment to the other, and the level of protection required by your turbomachinery varies accordingly.

It has developed extensive research and development capabilities in the field of air sampling and analysis. With an in-depth understanding of site conditions, Camfil’s technical experts will analyze your local site conditions and can offer the optimal recommendation based on your specific conditions and operational needs. With the goal of maximizing protection and minimizing operational and maintenance requirements, Camfil will also ensure that the recommended will generate the most profits for your site.

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