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Rigid Pocket Filter - Gas Turbine Air Inlet

Dewdon Pocket filters are mainly used as pre/first stage filters in the gas turbine air inlet to remove coarse impurities and act as coalesces to remove smaller water droplets from the air stream. The filter is constructed to withstand extreme humidity, high velocities, and turbulence. Our fitlers are thermally bonded organic synthetic fibers are non-shedding, microbially neutral, and resistant to most chemicals. The construction combines three layers of progressively structured media with a prefilter layer providing exceptionally low-pressure drop and high efficient levels immediately upon installation.

Products Specification

Item Material(Standard) Material(Alternative)
Filter Media Synthetic fiber/Glass fiber/Cotton/Non-Woven fabrics
Frame Cardboard Aluminum/Galvanized
Protect Mesh Aluminum net Stainless steel net
Filtration Efficiency G2,G3,G4
Average Arrestance 85%-96%@5micron
Initial Resistance 30-50Pa
Final Resistance 200-250Pa
Temperature Limit 100˚C
Color Blue or White

Product Features

Large air flow

Lower resistance

High dust-holding capacity

Sturdy construction

Washable, cost-effective

Technical Data

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Pleated Pre-Filters widely applied in gas turbine air inlet housing, air conditioning and ventilating system as a prefilter before medium filters and HEPA filters.

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