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The filter media of Dewdon’s Deep Pleat Box filter is a water repellent pleated micro-glass fiber paper, each pleat is separated either by a Kraft paper or aluminum separator.The completed pleat pack is then bonded into a frame which may be of high density particle board, galvanized mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Neoprene gaskets may be fitted to either or both filter faces.

By extending the surface area it is possible to increase the flow rate for a given size of filter. Approximately twice the flow rate may be achieved through the same size of HEPA FILTER by extending the surface area – this is accompanied by a slight increase is pressure drop. Face grilles are available as an option.

Products Specification

Frame Filter Media Seperator Sealant Gasket Safe guard
Aluminum/ Galvanised steel /Stainless steel Fine fiber glass Aluminum/ Paper Polyurethane EVA/EPDM Color coated steel grid

Product Features

True depth filtration.

Longer service life.

Total protection.

Technical Data

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The HEPA Deep Pleated Filter normally used for final filtration applications in clean rooms, computer suites, asbestos removal areas, hospital operating theatres and any site requiring ultra clean conditions.

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