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Dewdon manufacture wide range of filter pads. Our pads are manufactured from pure, specifically selected cellulose, diatomaceous earth, perlite and synthetic fiber bonded with special food grade resins. Our pads are made to meet the standard porosity and high retention capacity parameters. Our Filters pads are widely acknowledged by industry leaders in drug & pharmaceutical, beverage and distillery industries. Our filter pads are cost effective and convenient choice for various industries.

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Our Filter Pads offer a wide variety of removal efficiencies and can be used for large or small batches with quick and easy clean up.

Dewdon’s Filter Pads are excellent for protecting absolute-rated membranes from premature blockage and removing by depth effect the fine materials that occasionally pass through membranes.

Filter pads provide high solid loading due to the large internal surface area and void volumes present within the matrix of fiber and filter aid, which comprise the filter pad. This extends filter life and provides greater throughput.

The basic components of filter pads, cellulose and filter aid, are natural products which have a wide range of compatibility.

Product Specification

Material of construction: Cellulose wood pulp, perlite, Diatomaceous Earth, activated carbon and wet strength resin.

Micron: 0.2 to 50 Micron rating.

Sizes: All Sizes available to fit virtually any filter press.

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Chemical Industries

Pharmaceutical industries

Food & beverages industries

Dairy & Dairy Products

Pesticide Industries

Agro Chemical Industries

Steel & Alloy Industries

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Similarly, these products have found wide acceptance in the filtration of syrups for soft drink, gelatins, cosmetics plus a diverse spread of chemical & pharmaceutical intermediates & final products.

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