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Polyester Filter Bags

Dewdon’s Polyester filter bags are constructed using 100% synthetic fibers. The proper combination of fiber diameters, weights and thicknesses result in an economical depth filter media. To reduce fiber migration, Polypropylene bags are treated with a glazed finish, while Polyester and Nomex bags are singed.

Polyester materials meet FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21, Section 177.1520.

Product Specifications

Fiber Polyester fiber
Weight(g/m2) 500-600g/m2
Thickness(mm) 1.8-2.0mm
Mechanical Finish Singeing, Calendaring
Air Permeability (m2/m3/min) 6-10
Break Strength(N/5cm)
Warp ≥900
Weft ≥1200
Break Elongation(%)
Warp ≤35
Weft ≤50
Working temperature(Degree C) 130-150℃
Resistance to acid Ordinary Resistance to Oxidation Good
Resistance to alkali Ordinary Resistance to Hydrolysis Ordinary

Product Features

Silicone-free construction.

High dirt holding capacity.

Ability to remove both solid and gelatinous particles.

Low cost

Glazed/singed finish reduces fiber-shedding.

Technical Data

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Suitable for the dust collection of mine, lime cement production, raw cement, grinding machine, packaging and other process, continuous casting and sintering, ironmaking processes of Iron and steel industry, alumina conveying, electrolytic aluminum production, non-ferrous metal smelting plant, wood processing, food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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