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Aluminum-based honeycomb photocatalyst filter is a new product for the air purification system. It can adsorb hazardous wastes such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia in the air, and remove the peculiar smell. As a manufacturer, we adopt honeycomb photocatalyst aluminum as the carrier, then uniformly coating nano titanium dioxide on honeycomb aluminum surface by a special coating process. Finished products are widely used in the manufacture of household air purifiers and large space air purification equipment, industrial VOCs purification and odor elimination, central air-conditioning systems for air purification, sterilization and increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions.

Products Specifications

Products Specifications

Materials: aluminum honeycomb substrate, titanium dioxide, aluminum alloy frame.

Filter Thickness: 10, 12, 15, 20 mm.

Dimension(L*W*H): customized.

Wire Diameter: 0.05 mm.

Mesh Count: 10–50/inch.

Weave Style: plain weave, honeycomb weave.

Open Area: 98%.

Longitudinal Fracture Strength: 500 N/cm.

Nano-TiO2: 30–50 nm.

Formaldehyde Removal Index: 15–25 mg/m2.

Package :- (Plastic bag + box + carton), (Box/plastic bag + carton), (Be Customized)

Product Features

Releases negative oxygen ions.

Degrade pollutants to purify the air.

Excellent photocatalytic activity.

Bactericidal and mould-proof.

Excellent deodorization function.

UV radiation resistant, washable.

Environmentally friendly without secondary pollution.

Technical Data

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Aluminum-based honeycomb photocatalyst filters are ideally used as a filtering component for the central ventilation system, air purifiers and air conditioners.

Shopping malls.




Train station.

Bus stations.


Car starting system.

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