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Dewdon lube oil filters are used to eliminate the impurities and other contaminates from the lube system. It has superior filtration efficiency and higher contaminant holding capacity. Our filters with updated mesh structure allows lubrication oil filters to capture dirt particles with maximized available area and minimized resistance to fluid flow.

All Dewdon lube oil filter elements are tested according to ISO standards to perform under the most challenging industrial and mobile applications. Our lube oil filters elements.

Dewdon filters are available in multiple media options include high-quality micro glass stainless fiber, glass fiber; cellulose and metal mesh filter materials.

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Large contaminate carrying capacity – for much longer life.

Deliver low restriction to provide maximum lubrication oil flow.

Heavy-duty, long life seals to support extended service life.

Elements fits a full range of lube oil applications.

Polyester outer wraps will help to improve fatigue resistance.

Optimized Beta efficiency, contamination retention.

Wide range of micron rating: from 1 μm to 500 μm.

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The filter has been widely used in transformer oil, hydraulic oil, aviation kerosene, petroleum, chemical, power plant, cost carbon, mining, pharmaceutical, food and engineering industries.

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