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V bank Panel Filter - Gas Turbine

Dewdon’s V Bank is excellent for most types of air handling systems; Our V bank filters are created to withstand high velocities and turbulence. This filter yields exceptionally low-pressure drop (.30”) at high efficiency levels (65%/MERV 11 through 95%+/MERV 16).

The rigid frame construction prevents damage to the filter media. The frame dimensions, depth, and filter performance of the V4 Bank meet the requirements of standard air handling systems. The filter element is free of metal parts, which eliminates corrosion and punctures of the media.

Products Specification

Item Frame Filter Media Separator Sealant Gasket Face Guard Temperature Limit Humidity Limit
Material(Standard) ABS/PS plastic,aluminum sheet, galvanized steel sheet Glass fiber,Synthetic fiber Hot melt Polyurethane EVA,EPDM,Neoprene,CR Aluminum mesh, Galvanised mesh 70˚C 100%RH

Product Features

Low Pressure Drop

Superior Dust-holding capacity

High Airflow Volume

Sturdy Construction

Technical Data

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Widely used in central air conditioning, gas turbine power plants, oxygen plants, steel mill blast oxygen station, furnace blast air station, power plant, gas turbine air intake applications.

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