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Prefilters With Filter Media Replaceable

Dewdon’s Pre filters are media replaceable and are excellent for most types of air handling systems. Frame dimensions, depth, and filter performance meet the requirements of standard air handling systems.

Our Pre filters are at high efficiency levels G2~G4 EN779; MERV3-8 ASHRAE and are available in 20~95mm depth. Average arrestance is 70%~94% (ASHRAE 52.2-1992) with max airflow rate at 125% of nominal airflow. Our Pre filters are 100% Moisture resistance with thermal Stability of 80℃ for synthetic fiber and 100℃ for glass fiber.

Product Specifications

Frame Filter Media Face net
Extruded Aluminum/Galvanized steel sheet Polyester None/Spot mesh/Expanded mesh

Product Features

Rigid structure for demanding applications.

Filter media replaceable, thus cost effective.

Thermal Stability: 80℃ for synthetic fiber, 100℃ for glass fiber.

Technical Data

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As Pre filters for intake, exhaust and recirculating air systems, extending the operational lifetimes of the downstream fine filters.

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